The concept of spiritual cause of diseases means that the underlying problem, the origin of our diseases is not in our body. The body only reflects, shows us where the problem lies and what we need to understand. The body communicates to us all the time.

When we learn to read it, we will be more able to understand why a part of our body hurts and how to help ourselves.

If we feel pain, we make every effort to make it stop. Most people choose the fastest way – the painkillers. Their stated effect is to suppress pain.

When you suppress something, it will come back sometime in the future. When you suppress something again and again, it comes back stronger. The second time it hurts a little more, the third time a lot more, the fourth time severely and the fifth time you may not survive it.

I will show you an example:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself drowning in the middle of a deep lake. Imagine that. A lifeboat approaches to save you. They throw you a life belt, but you are flailing your arms around to keep your head above water, moving the life belt further away. As soon as you calm down and stop flailing your arms, the life belt will be carried to you by water.

It is the same with everything in your life. Do you remember looking for the right partner? Have you found them? If you concentrate on looking for somebody, you won`t find them, at least not the person who is really supposed to come to your life. The moment you let it go, the right partner will appear.

When you are in pain, it is like drowning. You flail your arms trying to save yourself, you suppress the pain by painkillers, you try various ointments, massage, rehabilitation, physical therapy, injections and still the pain comes back.

First, you need to understand why the illness occurred. No illness emerges out of the blue, even though it may seem so. The cancer might be the result of 20 years of accumulated negative thoughts, hatred, anger and lack of forgiveness. Something is eating you and in some time it literally starts eating your body. And boom, here comes cancer.

Severe depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, headache, weakness and feeling that nothing you experience has a meaning express the need for change. It is time to be reborn. In life, you die as your old Self and are reborn as a new person. After every illness you are reborn as a new person, as long as you understand where it started and why it came specifically to you.

If you numb yourself with pills and refuse to deal with problems, you continue living as your old Self, but the illness challenges you to change. It wants you to change your way of thinking, your attitudes, or the job you no longer enjoy. Walk out of a dysfunctional relationship. Stop meeting the people who only drag you down.

Let`s look at our legs – they support us during the whole life.

Our legs show us the right way throughout our life. If we have problems with our legs, it means we are heading in the wrong direction. It might concern the job, relationship to others or to yourself, the marriage… inside yourself, you usually know which part of your life isn`t quite alright.

The right side of the body represents a problem with the Female aspect, the left side with the Male aspect.

Hip problems relate to the relationship with our parents, knees with our siblings or partners, ankles with children.

Varicose veins represent stagnation, being stuck in our life and not moving forward. The leech therapy is effective, it makes the enlarged veins thin again and alleviates the pain, but to be truly healed, we must move forward.

People who wear glasses usually refused to see something in their life. There was a powerful experience in their past which they didn‘t want to see, they averted their eyes from it and their eyesight began to worsen.

One of my friends has had vision problems since she was a little baby. Most people don`t have memories of the first three years of their life. But the child`s soul remembers, even though the adult mind does not. It‘s enough if the baby in mother‘s body is unwanted. The baby always feels it, even before birth.

People with great strength who are capable of deep introspection can look deep into their past and release the feelings of anger and resentment towards their parents. After they understand and forgive their parents, they will be able to take off the glasses and see clearly.

Similarly, problems with ears mean that you refuse to hear something in your life. Again, the right ear represents the female side, the left ear the male side.

What about our hands?

We use our hands to handle things. How do you handle your life?

My friend worked as a massage therapist. For more than two years, she had to use her elbows most of the time, because her fingers and wrists hurt too much. As soon as she realized the massage therapy wasn‘t the work she was meant to do, she quit and her fingers healed after a few weeks. There was no more pain.

If you experience pain in your hands, think about the work you do. Does it make you happy? Does it make you get up with a smile in the morning?

Remember what you wanted to do when you were young and start doing it. If you do something with your heart, this work drives you forward and brings the feeling of fulfillment… and everything else will come in its own time – health, happiness, inner balance and also money.spiritual causes of illness

According to acupressure, each finger and toe represents certain areas. For example, the middle finger is put up in the offensive gesture when we are angry and it is also related to anger. Index finger is used to point at others. Little finger, or little man as it is sometimes called, means that we feel small, it indicates the lack of self-esteem. And so on.

Obesity. Many people don‘t like themselves because of the way they look, because this society constructs the image of an ideal woman – a slim beauty with a perfect make-up and a Gucci bag in her hand – and then imposes it on us. The same goes for men, a perfect man is supposed to be a muscular guy attending a gym 5 times a week. That‘s just wrong.

People try to fight obesity with exercise and various diets. The trouble is they are trying so hard. They are flailing their arms while drowning, they pull themselves them deeper and deeper as no diet seems to work.

Obesity is caused by overeating to numb unpleasant emotions or problems from our childhood. Try to remember when you started putting on weight. Something terrible happened to you that you didn‘t want to see or hear and you had to put on some „armour“ to defend yourself and cope with it.

Fat is your armour. You started overeating. And you keep doing it – every time a similar situation occurs, you return to the same pattern. You try to stuff the problem down.

If you realize what terrible experience you needed to numb by food, you can get it off your chest or talk it over with the people who hurt you in the past (however, this is not always necessary, there are other ways besides direct confrontation). Suddenly, you don‘t need a diet any longer and your fat armour is falling away.

I lost 15 kilos in 2 weeks this way. People asked what was wrong with me, whether I was ill, but I had never felt so good, so full of energy and health. And that’s how I have felt ever since.

Alcoholism  is your way to drink away hurtful experience. When you drink a lot, the responding organ is liver. Liver is related to anger. Liver influences the eyes and sex organs. If you turn away from hurtful experience from your past (parents fighting or beating you, difficult childhood, child abuse, divorce, bullying) and you try to drink it away, it gradually weakens your eyesight, liver function and erection.

Anger and fear are two sides of the same coin. People carrying the strongest anger are the ones who are most afraid. Anger grows into hate and hate grows into suffering.

Fear – anger – hate – suffering = are all one and the same. If there was fear in your childhood and you supressed it, you carry anger in you (especially boys, who have been taught not to cry and hold back the tears since very early age). Suppressed anger turns into hate and brings about suffering.

It is said that pain is natural but suffering is a choice. Unless you accept what has happened to you, you will keep suffering. It’s your choice. Embrace the experience and everything you have learnt through it. By rejecting it, you are only hurting yourself. Forgive and be grateful.

The neck represents relationships. All that remains untold is stored there. If you have stiff neck with spasms and bulges, there are unresolved and unforgiven things in your relationships which may even go back to your past lives. Gall bladder, womb and sex organs are also related to the relationships to others or to yourself.

Problems with intestines, stomach or bloating indicate more unresolved issues, which are lying there waiting for resolution, understanding and forgiveness. There is something you haven’t been able to stomach and if you do not pay attention to it, it may cause stomach ulcers or tapeworm infection.causes of illness

The so-called beer belly is only a result of stored unresolved issues you have been dragging along for years. Food and alcohol are then piled up on it, but this is just a consequence, not the original cause. The more hurtful experiences and unresolved problems you pile up, the bigger your belly gets.

Heart is where the love is. Lack of parental love, inability to give love, expected or unexpected breakup, divorce, death, emotional blows are all stored in your heart. To be healthy, your heart needs understanding, realization of why something happened and forgiveness.

Lungs are in charge of your breathing. Can you breathe freely in your job, relationship, in life in general? Could you breathe freely when you were a child?

Teeth –  each tooth is related to an internal organ. Once I overheard an older lady in a dentist’s waiting room say: „A problem in your heart means a problems in your teeth“. Teeth show us many things. Dental caries do not just appear out of the blue. Tooth decay means there is something rotten in our life, something we pushed down deep and refused to confront it.

It’s important to follow your heart, not your mind. When you feel pain, calm down and listen to yourself. Ask yourself (in your mind or out loud): Why does it hurt? What do you want to tell me? Then just listen. The answer will come. It will be the first thing that comes to you in the first few seconds. That’s your inner voice, our intuition, the eternal wisdom inside you talking. That is the answer.

spiritual causes of diseases

A little later, the mind and rational thinking will join in. It will tell you No, that’s impossible, forget it. That’s the Ego talking, fearing that you might uncover the true cause of your problem.

Set aside your mind. Listen to your inner voice and set out on the way of health.

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