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Have you ever wondered when and why your eyesight began to get worse? Do you believe laser eye surgery will permanently cure your eyes? In fact, poor eyesight is the result of situations we refused to see, but this idea has never crossed most people’s minds.

It’s not difficult to understand. There were situations in your past, usually in your childhood, which you didn’t want to see, you closed your eyes against them, so your eyesight inevitably gets worse later in life. This is something your ophthalmologist can’t tell you, since he is short-sighted himself. Moreover, he would lose a customer, wouldn’t he? That was the case of my ophthalmologist. I would ask him about the laser surgery and he would always advise against it – if they fixed my eyes, who would then wear the glasses from his eyewear store?

I was discussing this topic with a friend of mine and she mentioned she had been wearing glasses since the earliest age. It’s possible, because the baby can feel and sense everything even before birth. It knows when the parents are fighting and shouting at each other and it knows when it’s unwanted. Of course it doesn’t want to see these things, it doesn’t want to feel unwanted from the very beginning. That’s how little children start wearing glasses. Similarly, hearing defects are caused by situations where we didn’t want to hear something.

I was wearing eyeglasses since I was 5 years old. I needed strong glasses with -2 diopters cylindrical lens on both eyes. I was short-sighted, my ability to see was very poor at almost any distance. Driving without glasses was completely out of the question. In May 2017, I took off my glasses. I have been able to see clearly since then and I enjoy a 20/20 vision.


There are two perspectives to consider in order to understand this problem.


The first one is the physical anatomy of muscles in human body. Have you ever had a broken hand or leg? (In case you haven’t, don’t worry, you’ll be able to get my point anyway.) Let’s say you have broken your right arm and it needs to be put into a plaster cast for about a month. This arm is immobile, you avoid using it and do not move it at all, so the muscles become flabby, while the other arm is still supple and strong. After the doctor removes your plaster cast, your right arm will feel limp and weak compared to the other. It will take a few days to balance them again.

Your eyes work the same way. Once you put on eyeglasses, your eyesight will never get back to normal, because the eye muscles will lose their strength. The vision gets worse and worse and you need stronger and stronger lenses. On the other hand, if you take off your glasses, your eye muscles will flex and regain their strength – after some time, of course.

The second aspect of our problem is closely related to this. It’s not enough to take off the glasses and wait for a miracle, it doesn’t work that way. If you are determined to achieve perfect vision, you need to go back in time, quite literally. Go back to all the situations you didn’t want to see in your childhood, teen age or later in life. Most of our problems have roots in our childhood. For example:

  • you saw your father hit your mother
  • you saw your parents fighting
  • your parents get a divorc – suddenly you never see them together at the same time and you can make no sense of it
  • your parents often hit you
  • your best friend stole your boyfriend
  • you were envious to see somebody’s success

… and hundreds of other situations you just didn’t want to look at.



What is it that you refused to see? What brought about your impaired vision?


Laser surgery is a temporary solution to your defect. The true problem lies elsewhere and it will reappear in another form. Eyes are related to liver and sex organs. Liver is the „seat“ of anger and sex organs reflect the relationship to others and to ourselves. It is all connected. By turning a blind eye on some situation you accumulate anger inside you and it is stored in your liver.

Alcoholics frequently experience liver problems as a result of many things they do not want to face and try to drink away. Therefore, the surgery may correct your eyesight, but it doesn’t mean you have successfully dealt with the underlying problem – it will only take on another form.

Reliving the traumatic situations is not the point – all you will find there is fear and anger which bring about hate and suffering. Naturally, you’ll try to run away from it again – you wouldn’t want to relive the terror you have been trying to escape.

The point is understanding and realizing why it happened to you. There is a phenomenon called repeated behaviour. People tend to repeat what they have been taught or what their parents used to do to them, pass it on to their own children and they pass it on again and so on. Many of these repeated patterns are outright crazy.

For example: A small boy sees his father hit his mother. He may acquire this tendency himself and repeat it when he grows up – he will hit his wife as well. Of course, there are some exceptions when the small boy draws a lesson from this experience and is sure never to repeat it.

People who behave badly in your opinion always have their reasons, some underlying habit and very often they are not aware of repeating some pattern learned in their childhood.

Unless you truly understand this causality, you won’t be able to FORGIVE the people who have hurt you the most, not really. Many people claim to have forgiven, but their forgiveness comes only from the mind. True forgiveness must come from your heart so that you can feel it in each and every cell of your body. That’s how you need to forgive someone who has hurt you.

True forgiveness coming from your heart is the key to healing your eyes.

Another important aspect is the VISUAL IMAGINATION, ability to convince yourself that you can see clearly, that your eyesight is already corrected. Make yourself believe that you are already able to see clearly at any distance.

It’s called visualization and suggestion – you say to yourself (out loud or only in your mind): „I can see clearly, my eyes are healthy, I have 20/20 vision, my eyesight is great.“ Use present tense. You should not only say it, but believe it with your whole being. You need to convince yourself that it has already come true. Not „as if“, not expecting your eyesight to get better. It is better NOW.how to improve eyesight

You need to state your purpose (I see well, my vision is clear) in a clear and powerful manner. Quantum healing technique can help you get in touch with your centre, get to the calm and peaceful place where the self-healing occurs. When you are in your centre, convince yourself that your eyesight is great and add some visualization which accelerates the healing process.

Visualization is a great help – you can use any pictures and imagine anything, for example:

– tiny men repairing your eyes

– your eyes glowing with gold or white healing light

– healing water trickling down on your eyes and helping them see.

Imagine anything, imagination has no limits. It might sound silly, but it surely works. I imagined being an eagle, flying high above the land and seeing every tiny detail clearly. Choose your own image.

If you set out for a journey into the depths of your soul, your childhood, your past lives and all the situations you refused to see, you can use the visualization and suggestion, but you need to remember one important thing. Take off your glasses. Or at least use weaker glasses, for example an older pair with weaker lenses, so that your eye muscles can prepare for the moment when you take off your glasses for good. They will get used to working again and take on their natural function.

I wish you good luck.

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