Since we were born, we have been brought up in a certain way by our parents, grandparents, caretakers in a children`s home, our aunt or other relatives. We were born to this world for a reason; we have come here to find and fulfill our purpose. That`s why we are really here.

We are all a little schizophrenic, in a way. We oscillate between mind and heart, hesitating what to do.

Sometimes we listen to our inner voice and sometimes to what the others say. If we listen to our inner voice, it’s great because it means we follow our heart. On the other hand, if we don’t listen to our heart but to the others and we do what our parents, grandparents or relatives tell us, it means we go against our true Self. We become our own worst enemy.

We are losing our true Self. We may split into two beings sharing one body – that’s how schizophrenia emerges.


One of these beings, one personality, wants to do things its own way. It wants to dress as it wants. It wants to spend time with friends it has chosen. It wants to attend art classes or do sports because it enjoys them, not because the others like it. It wants to paint with colours, not draw with a pencil. It wants to play football instead of hockey. It wants fruit tea, not green tea.

The other personality has to do what it’s told instead of what it truly wants. It has to put on clothes which are uncomfortable. It has to play the piano although it’s interested in drums. It would like a pair of new football boots but gets a pair of ice skates from the parents. It wants to learn to cook but instead, it learns how to bake. This personality does all the things the other people want instead of following its own desires.

Such a child becomes an adult without own opinion, always confused, always hesitating which way to choose. These people are unable to follow their own way, be themselves. They lost their true Self in childhood and got stuck there.

Listening to and following the others instead of yourself is a deep-rooted habit. It’s very difficult to change it, but it’s not impossible. The change will take a lot of courage – the courage that can be found deep within.

The change comes through understanding.

Just observe. Look closely at yourself.  What are you wearing right now? Do your clothes express your true Self, your own style? Do you feel comfortable in them? Are you satisfied with the work you do? Do your hobbies make you happy? What sports do you do? Where do you go for a walk?

If you don’t like what you see, change it. Change it right now and be yourself. Start doing what YOU want. In case you don’t know what you want anymore, try to remember what you wanted as a child. Close your eyes, go back to your childhood and ask yourself: What was it that made me happy?

We lost our true Self at some point, we forgot who we really are. We enjoyed painting and drawing, dancing and singing, reading comic books, playing pogs, jumping, building sand castles, making things out of clay, playing with Lego and loads of other awesome things.

Let’s start doing the things we enjoy again! Let’s do the things which warm up our heart, make us smile, make us feel enthusiastic, joyful, full of love.

If you have a schizophrenic child, make sure that it has enough freedom and that it is free to do what it wants. Now you have seen another angle of this so-called disorder and you can make a change. You can help your child get better by joining the two personalities in one whole being that knows what it wants and follows its own way.

We shouldn’t, however, be angry at people who brought us up „the wrong way“. They only repeated the patterns learned from their own parents without even realizing it. Such patterns have been passed on from generation to generation for centuries.

We may have unfulfilled dreams, desires or goals and we try to make our children succeed where we could not. We want them to live our dreams and so we shape them into something they are not.

If someone used to dream about becoming a great lawyer, doctor, businessman, pilot, football player and didn’t achieve it, they unconsciously force their child to fulfill their dreams. However, this destroys the child’s soul and the purpose this soul needs to fulfill in this life.

So, let’s not make our children schizophrenic, let’s give them a chance to express their true Self, to be themselves. That’s true love.

We should love our children as they are. Let’s support them, listen to them and encourage them in following their own dreams. Children are the most beautiful, most sincere beings in the world. If we realize it, we can help them become who they are supposed to be – it will surely make our own lives better as well.

By helping others, we always help ourselves – and that’s when we understand the meaning of true happiness.

Autor Radoslav Zárecký

Stále dokola píšem o láske, lebo všetko je láska. Články, ktoré píšem, vychádzajú z mojich vlastných skúseností, môjho života. Zrkadlia moje vnútro, to kto som a ako sa pozerám na veci okolo seba. S článkami sa môžeš i nemusíš stotožňovať, obe možnosti sú úplne v poriadku 🙂

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