Consequence. Our current life is a consequence of events, actions, situations, temptations, activities we have brought from our past lives. Unless we have solved, understood, accepted and forgiven them, we are meant to go through them again. Karma – the law of cause and effect. We experience it all in similar situations, only in a different body.

I have been very much looking forward to writing this article. All that’s written here is based on experience, either my own or the experience of people around me. I do not consider karma a fantasy or illusion but a very real part of life.

The world we live in is an illusion. Once we step out of the circle of chasing money, fast cars, a big house or flat, a new TV and all the material things which blind us, we get in touch with our heart and recognize illusion and reality.

My blindness had been immense. It took a serious disease which stopped me and changed me completely to make me see what had been hidden from me.

The story of Jesus giving sight to a blind man is misunderstood by most people over the world. The blind man didn’t begin to see with his eyes but with his heart. He understood and was reborn to a new life. It‘s the most incredible experience to start seeing with your heart.

Jesus is love and when he touched people, he opened them to love. He gave them back their sight, their hearing, even their life through love, which is the greatest gift of all. He is a wonderful man with a divine heart.

Have you ever noticed how fascinated we are by old castles, pyramids, nature, sea, oceans, ships, horses? How deeply we are moved by certain things? We are drawn to the movies of certain era or buy historical furniture. That’s the first sign that we used to live in places like these in the past – sometimes as kings, sometimes as servants or jesters 🙂

We are spiritual beings and our origin is not here on the Earth.


The Earth is just a temporary address for us. We come here to learn, to get more experience and achieve deeper understanding. The Earth is like a pin head in the vast space. There are many other planets, constellations, stars and forms of life.

Recently, a 10-year-old boy asked me if I believed in aliens. What a charming question! TV and radio have pictured aliens as some kind of bogeymen. In fact, alien means „belonging to a different place“. So if we landed on another planet, what would we be to its inhabitants? We would be the aliens.  reincarnation

We label many movies (such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Matrix, The Green Beautiful, Harry Potter, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lord of the Rings, Thor, Stargate etc.) science fiction or fantasy and regard them as made up stories, while in fact there is a deeper truth in them. They contain hidden knowledge we are often not able to see through the veil of illusion.

At our first birth (first incarnation), we decide for a purpose we want to achieve here, what we want to learn and understand.

It’s a game in which we forget who we are and our task is to find ourselves again.

That’s the greatest game, even more exciting than Ludo! Since we were born, we have been living in a soap bubble, an illusion, a circle. We are born over and over to collect experience. With each lifetime we achieve higher and higher state of consciousness until we awaken from the dream, find ourselves and connect with our heart. Then there’s no need to be born again. The game is over.

A man came to an end and found the beginning of infinity.


Past lives (reincarnation) and karma are two sides of the same coin. Each of us has been through hundreds of past lives and karma guides us through them, often giving us a hard time. If there is something we didn’t understand or forgive in one of our past lives, we must face it now.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

If you were gifted in music or arts and your soul was the soul of a poet, painter or writer, this gift gets passed on to your current life.

Let’s imagine that a woman you loved abandoned you in one of the previous lives and you haven’t forgiven her. This situation is bound to repeat over and over, only with a minor change in appearance – the same people in different bodies. Maybe your mother left the family, you were brought up by your father and it’s been certainly hard for you. You may believe the problem started with your mother, but in fact it runs deeper than that.

Once we set out on the path of self-discovery, our past lives are revealed to us. At first, we can use regression technique to return to our past lives but later the process becomes more spontaneous. The revelations come at their own time, when we are ready for them.

If we raped or hurt women in the past life, we carry this anger, aggression and hatred inside and they are often transformed into problems with sex organs..

If we robbed someone, the law of cause and effect makes sure that we experience it again first-hand, we get robbed or are born in poverty. The experience repeats until we finally understand it.

This experience is not ordered by any judge or authority, there’s no one to blame for our miserable life. We chose this experience for ourselves, we are the only ones responsible for what’s happening to us in this life.reinkarnation

Death is an illusion and it’s only our body that dies. In fact, the body is just means of transport and a form of protection from the real world that lies beyond the material body. We are not our body.

The body is a perfect machine, an incredibly complex system where everything is connected.

I was guided through my first experience with past lives by a professional therapist. During such therapy, we are fully conscious. We return to the past life which still influences us and we have a chance to understand the cause of our current problems.

Later on, I was able to return to my past lives on my own and I realized it’s not only about seeing the past. It’s a very intense experience which can easily throw you off balance.

What’s next?


When you return to the past lives, the most important thing to do is to ask for forgiveness. You need to apologize to the person you hurt, argued with or forgot about. You can say: „I am sorry for what I have done to you, I didn’t mean to hurt you“. Just say what you feel in your own words.

I have met people who have a lot of experience in returning to their past lives. They have been there, have seen it and retrieved their memories, but that’s all. Of course, it’s great to see who we were and realize what brought about our current suffering, but forgiveness to others and to ourselves is what really matters.

If you haven’t done it yet, do it right now. You’ll get an enormous weight off your chest. You’ll  have a cry and in the end, you’ll feel relieved.

You need to understand that we haven’t come here to suffer, we have come to be happy. We are not meant to suffer, but by our lifestyle, rigid thinking and negative approach we trap ourselves in suffering.

We have come to believe there is heaven above and hell beneath. However, because of this approach, we already live in hell.

Karma is not revenge, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a wonderful friend teaching us how to live a better and more fulfilled life.

One wave of a magic wand and you can be healthy, happy and live a life full of joy. That’s just a metaphor, of course, but the point is that when it comes to our inner world and our approach, we get to decide – to hold on to the old stuff or throw it all out and tidy up our inner space. The decision can be made right now.

We often cling to the old things and cannot let go. Our approach to life hasn’t changed in 20 years and we still keep all our flotsam and jetsam up in the attic. What is stopping us from moving on is  the fear of the unknown and it can only be overcome by facing it and stepping out of it.

This is the first article on karma, past lives and their influence on our current life. More will continue to help you understand and realize who we are and why we are here.

I wish you good luck in discovering your true self.

Autor Radoslav Zárecký

Volám sa Radoslav Zárecký, mám 32 rokov, žijem v Bratislave a pracujem v Úsmev ako dar. Dopredu ma posúva nadšenie, ktoré mi ukazuje správnu cestu, čo sa v konečnom dôsledku ukazuje aj na výsledkoch mojej práce. Články, ktoré tu nájdete, sú všetky z mojich osobných skúseností, môjho života.

Dôsledok. Náš terajší život je dôsledok. Udalostí, činov, situácii, pokušení, činností, ktoré si prenášame z minulých životov. Opakujeme si ich iba vtedy, ak sme ich nevyriešili, nepochopili, neprijali, neodpustili. Karma – príčina a následok. Všetko zažívame znova, iba s inými telami a v podobných situáciách. (viac…)

Autor Radoslav Zárecký

Volám sa Radoslav Zárecký, mám 32 rokov, žijem v Bratislave a pracujem v Úsmev ako dar. Dopredu ma posúva nadšenie, ktoré mi ukazuje správnu cestu, čo sa v konečnom dôsledku ukazuje aj na výsledkoch mojej práce. Články, ktoré tu nájdete, sú všetky z mojich osobných skúseností, môjho života.

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