There is no such thing as incurable diseases. They are only incurable because the doctors don’t know how to approach them. The problem lies in the way they approach a human being. While the Western medicine sees separate parts of human body, the Eastern medicine sees the human being as a whole. It is impossible to cure people without seeing them as a whole.

Every single disease can be cured. This article is about an “incurable” autoimmune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). However, what I write about lupus (how to accept the disease and how to cure it) is true for all diseases, ailments and aches that may trouble us.

Lupus comes about when you stop enjoying life. You find yourself in a state where you can’t enjoy the little things and the things you do and places you visit do not make you happy anymore. You have lost contact with yourself.

If we lose contact with ourselves, we often stop doing things for ourselves and instead we do everything just because of others, to get their approval, their affection, their praise – in other words, to snatch some of their energy.

People with an autoimmune disease such as SLE turn against themselves, their immunity balance is disrupted and energy cannot flow freely. They don’t listen to their heart speaking in a whisper. Instead, they listen to the mind which shouts at everybody and everything, both inwards and outwards.Systemic lupus

The first step, in case of SLE or any other disease, is to accept the disease. When I speak of acceptance, many people have no idea how to go about it. In my contemplation, I got an idea how to do it in an easy, imaginative and playful way.

If we don’t accept something that’s ours, even an incurable disease, we try to fight it. And in this fight, each weapon we use cuts both ways. That’s why we have to accept what is happening to us, accept the fact the disease has emerged and take responsibility for it. No one is responsible for our disease but us, not our neighbours, not parents, not teachers. We have brought it in by the way we have lived our life or lives (because a lot of what is happening to us now is a result of our past lives).

Here are the steps how to accept lupus (or any other disease). You should do it alone, in a quiet place, either sitting or lying.

  1. Close your eyes, so that the things around do not distract you.
  2. Imagine your disease as a person, creature, alien, animal or anything else you can think of. There are no limits to your imagination. What is the first thing you see when you try to imagine it?
  3. Imagine the following situation and visualize it with your eyes closed. You can hear the doorbell, someone is knocking on the door, maybe softly, maybe with greater force, maybe even banging.
  4. You go to the door and open it.
  5. Behind the door, there is your disease in the form you imagined. I will use a little green alien. You may be afraid or angry, you may be tempted to slam the door, throw the visitor out, shoot him, reject him. That’s perfectly alright, it’s not in human nature to let the (supposed) worst enemy in, we are not used to it.
  6. When you open the door and see this alien creature, ask what it is doing here. Then listen. Don’t listen with your ears, don’t try to figure out some response with your mind. Quiet yourself, let your thoughs come and go freely without analyzing them and the answer will come from inside, from your heart. It’s the voice of your intuition that will answer you. That first flash of intuition, the first few seconds will tell you what the alien is doing here.
  7. Invite your alien in, sit down in your living room or kitchen, offer him tea or coffee… do what you usually do when you have a visitor.
  8. Ask the alien why he is here. What are you supposed to teach me? How long will you stay? What do I need to do to make you leave? Ask, quiet yourself and listen for the answers. He will answer each of your questions and tell you why he is here, why the disease has come to you and what you need to learn from it.


Our worst enemies are in fact our best friends. They are our soulmates we had met before we were born and we had made a pact, agreeing on all the „mean“ things we would do to each other to help each other grow. Now we either understand and learn our lesson or we’ll repeat it in the next life.

Disease is supposed to teach us something, it challenges us to change. It has the power to turn our thinking and our approach to life upside down. Disease is our friend, our ally. It comes to make us improve our life and appreciate the things we have and receive, to make us grateful for the people around us.lupus 1

It’s often our closest ones who become the target of our anger. We are angry at our family, mother, father, grandparents, siblings, partner… we blame them for everything they have done to us and even more for what they haven’t done. When we are unable to forgive and let go of the fear, grief and anger, all these emotions pile up inside us, building a volcano ready to erupt.

Once we get sick, we usually try to get rid of the disease as soon as possible instead of inviting it in, finding out why it has come and being grateful for it. It’s a vicious circle and we keep spinning. Life, however, is not a circle – it’s a spiral.

By inviting the disease in we accept it. We stop fighting and are finally able to sit down and talk and listen. We get to understand something which will help us move on. Then we can start working on ourselves and make the changes this alien asks of us.




 Those we consider our worst enemies, those who have most hurt us are in fact the ones who love us most. Only they can really hurt us. These people enable us to grow and learn and develop. And that’s our true purpose here on Earth.

If we get hurt by a friend or a guy from work, we just wave it off. But the pain caused by a loved one is hard to forget. We are so angry we feel like tearing them limb from limb. „Never in a thousand years“, we say when it comes to forgiveness.

That’s how we get caught in a trap of our own making. Suppressed emotions preying on our mind and negative approach to life attract diseases like flies to manure.

  1. In case the alien (lupus) decides to stay, do not send him away. My friend’s alien told her he would stay because he has nowhere else to go and he would leave once he sees she is able to enjoy life again. He settled on the ceiling, waiting for her to live her life again and start doing everything with joy.
  2. Thank your alien for coming. Thanks to his visit you know the true cause of your disease now.


What’s next?

First of all, slow down. Don’t try to rush things and speed up your recovery. Healing is a process, during which more signs will come to your life. Read the signs. Observe the people you meet and the situations you face. There are a lot of signs and signals all around us. And if you have any questions, you can always ask your alien as you have imagined him. He may be able to point you in the right direction.

In the end, I would like to mention ex-partners. We often get angry with them – the more ex-partners, the more anger. We try to forget them instead of thanking them for an amazing lesson in growth. If it hadn’t been for them, maybe we wouldn’t be with our current partner at all.partnerstvo

We have come to believe in „true love“ so much that we have forgotten that some partners may be in our life only for a short time, to teach us something and move on.

Some partners come for a month, some for a couple of months or years. Most breakups or divorces are sad and may hurt for a while. That’s natural, we are emotional beings after all. What’s important is to accept them with all our heart and get the most of the experience, forgive and let go of the burden.

The partners we attract reflect us, they are as we are. We attract people at the same wavelength as we are, with the same way of thinking, hobbies and inclinations.

Our partners or anyone we meet and get along with (or not) is our mirror. All the things we dislike about them are not about them at all. It’s just an unresolved issue burdening our poor little soul.

Acceptance is the first step to healing. It goes hand in hand with forgiveness (ability to forgive ourselves and others, to ask for forgiveness) and thankfulness. They are like the best friends, learning from each other and growing together.

You can be their friend as well.

P.S., As you may have noticed, this article was not only on lupus, but on all diseases in general. They have come here to teach us a lesson. If we accept them, make them our friends and welcome them, they will tell us why they are here and what we need to do next. It all starts with Acceptance.

Autor Radoslav Zárecký

Volám sa Radoslav Zárecký, mám 32 rokov, žijem v Bratislave a pracujem v Úsmev ako dar. Dopredu ma posúva nadšenie, ktoré mi ukazuje správnu cestu, čo sa v konečnom dôsledku ukazuje aj na výsledkoch mojej práce. Články, ktoré tu nájdete, sú všetky z mojich osobných skúseností, môjho života.

Nevyliečiteľné choroby neexistujú. Volajú sa nevyliečiteľné preto, lebo si s nimi lekári nevedia dať rady. Dôležité je ako sa pozeráme na človeka. Kým západná medicína ho rozdelila na jednotlivé orgány, východná medicína sa na človeka pozerá ako na celok. Kým sa na človeka nebudeme pozerať ako na celok, nie je možné ho ani uzdraviť. (viac…)

Autor Radoslav Zárecký

Volám sa Radoslav Zárecký, mám 32 rokov, žijem v Bratislave a pracujem v Úsmev ako dar. Dopredu ma posúva nadšenie, ktoré mi ukazuje správnu cestu, čo sa v konečnom dôsledku ukazuje aj na výsledkoch mojej práce. Články, ktoré tu nájdete, sú všetky z mojich osobných skúseností, môjho života.

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